Game Gurus Pays Top Dollar for your Old Video Game Stuff!

Got an SNES laying around and don't know what to do with it? Don't throw it out! Game Gurus will pay CASH for it!


We are currently paying cash for the following systems and games:

All Retro Games and Systems we have low stock on
Nintendo Switch Games and Systems
Nintendo WiiU Games and Systems
Sony PS4 Games and Systems
Sony PSVita Games and Systems
Xbox One Games and Systems 
All games we only have 1 or less in stock


Store Credit for all other items including but not limited to:

NES - Nintendo Entertainment System Games and Systems
SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games and Systems 
Game Boy - Original, Color, Advance  Games and Systems 
N64 - Nintendo 64 Games/Accessories and Systems
Atari - 2600 5200 Games and Systems
Sega Genesis Games  and Systems
Sega Dreamcast Games and Systems
Sega Saturn Games and Systems
Game Cube Games/Accessories and Systems
PS2 Games and Systems
XBOX Games and Systems
PS3 Games & Systems
XBox 360 Games and Systems


Sure, you could sell this stuff on Craigslist and meet total stranger at your house or drop by our location and walk away with cash in hand!


Easy, Quick and Convenient!


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Seattle 98103 206-524-6566
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All buys are processed same day, depending on the size of collection brought in we may not be able to process it all within the last hour of business.