JRPG's and Cyberpunks and Knuckles, OH MY!

Check this sweet stuff that came in today!

PS2 The Warriors
PS2 Buffy Chaos Bleeds
PS1 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
PS1 Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (with the Medallion!) and complete guide book
PS1 Tekken 3
PS1 Ape Escape
PS1 Suikoden II
PS1 Legend of Man
Genesis Shadowrun
Genesis Sonic & Knuckles (to build your tower of power!)
GenesisĀ Mortal Kombat & MK3
Genesis NBA Jam Tournament Edition
SNES Game Genie
SNES Super Gameboy
NES Castlevania

There was more, but not exciting enough to pose for a selfie!