This page will grow as we add more content and instructions on how to operate your Retropie Gaming Console

 Here are a few instructions to help you get the most from your new Retro Gaming System

Game Selection Menu Controls:
A - Select
B - Back
Right Bumper - Page Down
Left Bumper - Page Up
Start - Special Menu

Inside a Game Special JoyStick Controls:

These are all operated by pressing “Select” and then a second key:
Select + Start - Exit Game
Select + B - Reset Game
Select + Left Shoulder - Load Game
Select + Right Shoulder - Save Game
Select +  Left (D-Pad) - Save Slow Decrease
Select + Right (D-Pad) - Save Slot Increase

Shut Down Console:

Method 1: Hold the little power button on the back of console for 2 seconds.
Method 2: Press Start in Game Selection screen and select shutdown console.

How To Add Roms (more games) to your System:
Take any Fat32 formatted USB thumb drive and plug it into your computer.
Create a directory called “retropie” (without quotes)
Now plug your Thumbdrive into your retropie and wait 30 seconds.
Plug it back into your computer and go into the retropie directory and then the roms directory and you will see all the systems have their own directory. Simply copy your rom files into the directory associated with the console they run on.

Example: nes roms will be in the retropie/roms/nes directory and snes roms will be in the retropie/roms/snes directory.

If you are unsure of what type of console a certain directory is, simply do a google search: retropie (directory name)


Here is a Youtube video on how to add games to your Retropie using a USB thumbdrive

How to Copy Games to a Retropie with a USB hard drive