Lots of New Stuff Has Arrived this November at the Gurus!

First off we have the Game Cube style controller for your wii-mote! Yes no adapter needed, play Smash Bros like a champ by plugging these bad boys into your wiimote making them virtually wireless!

Then we have a slew of new Collectibles, board and card games!

The New X-Wing ships, YT-2400 Freighter and the VT-49 Decimator are $27.95 and $37.95

Good Cop - Bad Cop $12.95
Concept $35.95
Merchants & Marauders $59.95
Lords of Xidit $54.95
Castles of the Mad king Ludwig $54.95
Knightmare Chess $25.95
Mifuchi $16.50
Adventure Maximus $21.95
Ruckus Goblin Army $21.95
Legendends - Gaurdians of the Galaxy Expansion $17.95
Machi Koro $24.95
Yahtzee Firefly $44.95
Get Bit $17.95
Letters to Santa $8.95
Cypher $8.95
Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Figures $5
Dr. Who mystery figures $5