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Mortal Kombat Fightstick! These work for PS4 now too!

We got this bad boy in, and it works for your PS4, its a steal at 89 bucks! Hurry while supplies last!
(we have one)



Bundle Deal of the Week!

Don't let the April Showers Get you down! We have this DS bundle for super great-deal-price-thing!


Netrunner Store Championship

Congrats to Chuck S our 2015 Netrunner Store Champ! He beat out over 20 people for this elusive title it made for a very fun, high energy night. A most excellent time was had by all, and we look forward to hosting again next year!

Don't fret however we have Netrunner tournaments every Saturday, check out our calendar for more details and event information. 

Sweet JRPG 'S for the Vita and PS2 Just came in!

Criminal Girls Invite Only - PSP Vita
HyperDimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 Sisters Generation - PSP Vita
Hyperdevotion Noire Godess Black Heart - PSP Vita
Suikoden IV - PS2
Star Ocean Till the End of Time - PS2
Teen Titans - PS2 (yeah I know not JRPG :-P)

Lots of Events in December!

We have updated our calendar for this decembers events, check them out on our events page! Everything from X-Wing to My Little pony Card games, to Net Runner. See you there.