Got an SNES laying around and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t throw it out! Game Gurus will pay CASH for it!

We are currently paying cash for the following systems and games:

All Retro Games and Systems we have low stock on
Nintendo Switch Games and Systems
Nintendo WiiU Games and Systems
Sony PS4 Games and Systems
Sony PSVita Games and Systems
Xbox One Games and Systems
All Retro Games games we only have low stock of like Nes, Snes, Genesis, Gameboy, GBA, N64, and more!


Store Credit for all other items including but not limited to:

Things we have a ton of in stock. Most 360 games we have as well as PS3. Best to just bring it in and we can tell you what we can do for you!

Our system does Compete with the big boys like Gamestop for current generation stuff and competes with Amazon for the retro stuff!

Keep in mind we are a middleman and you will ALWAYS get more money when you sell your stuff to the end-user rather than to us but we understand that having a stranger in your house is not ideal and buying a console in a parking lot is not the best thing either which is why we offer a SAFE COMMERCE SPACE!

Yep, you can sell your stuff online like craigslist, FB Marketplace or Offerup and just meet your customer at Game Gurus! Use our Test bench to show you stuff works for FREE. Parking for everyone and safe and secure location with cameras keeps everyone feeling good about the transaction.

Feel free to use our store a a meeting place for your customers or if you want to buy something from someone, say you want to meet at Game Gurus! This is a free service for everyone, we are just happy to have gamers inside our store! Maybe someone will need something else.

Easy, Quick and Convenient!