Repair Information

We are sorry to say we are not currently be offering repair services at this time. We are working toward offering them soon!


Is the HDMI port or optical drive broken on your Xbox One or PS4? Or will it not read your disc anymore? We can fix that for you!

PS4/Xbox One HDMI port replacement $125

PS4/Xbox One/ Xbox One S Disc Read issues: $125

Controller issues with stick drift? we can replace the joystick in your Xbox One, PS4 or Switch console. Its only $40 for the first joystick and $25 for each after that. We will only work on First Party controllers, no third party specialty controllers.

NES console not playing games, giving you the flashing screen or power cycling? Ba-BAM we got those covered only $45 bucks and we will give you back your console working like it rolled off the factory floor! We re-condition your original 72 pin connector and more importantly we CLEAN all the internal connections inside the console. We will not replace your 72 pin connector because all new connectors are garbage. Yep, they are all garbage and have a life of only a couple of years. Nintendo got it right the first time and their original 72 pin connector is by FAR a superior to any new connector sold today. That is why we re-condition all 72 pins of your original connector, clean it and get it working for another 30 years!

Keep in mind a lot of consoles are cheaper to purchase another one than it is to fix it, so if you PS3, 360 or original XBOX is acting all funky, we can simply sell you another for less money than to get our team of ninjas to re-solder its internal parts. Give us a call at 206-524-6566 and tell us what you need, well be happy to let you know your options!