4X4 EVO 2 [E]4X4 EVO 2 [E]
4X4 EVO 2 [E]
4X4 EVO 2 [E]

4X4 EVO 2 [E]

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4×4 EVO 2 takes the real-world dynamics and cutting edge graphics from the original game and adds a variety of new twists and turns, taking off-road racing simulations to the next level. Simmers will have a chance to purchase one of 70 vehicles from 10 different manufactures for use in intense, pedal-to-the-metal, off-road rallies. In addition to individual racing, 4×4 EVO 2 gives virtual drivers the chance to join a factory race team or 4×4 club to participate in an assortment of exciting missions that involve exploration and adventure. These various missions will take players on a rowdy ride through locations so realistic and alive that they will have to watch out for animals, traffic and other animated dynamic objects.

  • The phrase, ‘Easy to learn, hard to master’ seems to describe the racing action against the superior Artificial Intelligence (AI). (That large truck that just crushed in your passenger door while overtaking you for the lead, and the spoils)
  • 70+ masterfully detailed Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and 4x4s put you in control of a high horsepower, multi-thousand pound beast, with such a realistic physics control system, the terrain is no longer beautiful scenery, it is the enemy.
  • Professional drivers get paid by winning races and so do you. In career mode, you must win races to acquire ‘fast cash’ so the multitude of enhancements and upgrades available can be made to your base truck, taking you to a higher level of racing respect.
  • Plow through snow packed roads, bust out from a wall of fog and be blinded by oncoming rain. There is no off-season for a true off-road race champion.
  • Catch ALL the rip-roaring action from film-quality multiple camera angles: cockpit, chase close, chase far, dash, television camera, sides, front, ground, sliding, and even blimp views.
  • Your beefed-up Jeep Grand Cherokee rumbles, roars and screeches in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. You will be amazed to find yourself in your living room!