Genre: Action; Shooter
Publisher: Global Star Software
Developer: 3DO Studios
Release Date: 7/20/2004
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Sarges War is a 3rd person character based 3D combat action game set in the retro world of plastic toys. Sgt. Rock meets Toy Story. It features a mixture of intense 3rd person shooting action and tactics set in war torn-Their World (40%) and Our World (60%). Access to both these worlds is obtained through portals.

The player controls Sarge in a movie-like combat experience featuring incredible plastic destruction effects. Gameplay is similar to Sarges Heroes with less emphasis on run and gun and strafing and more emphasis on actual combat tactics that require the player to use cover stealth and specific weapons to defeat specific enemies. Sarges War will be harder edged than previous games in the Sarges Heroes series.

  • Real time Destruction- characters will take visible damage such as dynamic holes and missing limbs and will retain damage throughout gameplay
  • Screen relative control and camera system that features movie