Black And Bruised

Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Developer: Digital Fiction
Release Date: 1/28/2003
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Black & Bruised is an over-the-top arcade style boxing game that combines wacky cartoon humor with thumb twitching boxing action.

The cartoon look and feel of Black & Bruised combines humor and strategy to attract both young and mature audiences. The individual boxing characters are differentiated not only by their look but more importantly by their AI personalities. Detailed and humoristic facial animations are used to convey the boxers mood and reaction to a landed punch. The boxers body and face also deteriorate visually to indicate injuries.

Black & Bruised takes full advantage of proportional analog controls and buttons to give the player a puppeteer like sense of control over their boxer. Ex: When pressing the punch button the pressure speed and depth of the press is translated into the PCs punch speed power and completion. These feelings are visually enhanced by the use of skeletal motion and skin morphing technologies.