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Forza Horizon XB3

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‘Forza Horizon’ combines legendary ‘Forza Motorsport’ authenticity with a festival atmosphere and the freedom of the open road. Launching this October on Xbox 360, ‘Forza Horizon’ offers an immersive pick-up-and-play open-road racing experience and features the unrivaled realism, diversity and innovation that are hallmarks of the ‘Forza Motorsport’ franchise.

  • Expansive open road. Take your dream car off the track and onto the open road to race and explore the epic driving landscape of Colorado. Experience a 24-hour dynamic lighting cycle that includes night racing, a first for the ‘Forza Motorsport’ franchise on Xbox 360. ‘Forza Horizon’ brings another first to ‘Forza Motorsport’ with the debut of mixed surface and dirt racing. From stunning mountain highways to dusty back roads, the world of ‘Forza Motorsport’ is bigger and more diverse than ever.
  • This is action racing. ‘Forza Horizon’ combines the legendary ‘Forza Motorsport’ authenticity you know and love with new action-based driving gameplay, rewarding you for your speed, skill and style behind the wheel. Drive the world’s most iconic cars as you compete in festival events, race for pink slips in white-knuckle street races, or just show off your skills to increase your popularity rank. Team up or compete with friends and rivals in a variety of online race types, as well as playground modes. However you drive, you’ll find an entirely new level of challenge and fun on the open road.
  • Competition meets culture. Soak up the cars, music and parties of the massive Horizon Festival – your hub for the game’s career and online events. The ‘Forza Horizon’ soundtrack features three in-game radio stations spotlighting today’s hottest music artists curated by Rob da Bank, renowned BBC Radio DJ, ‘Bestival’ founder and ‘Forza Horizon’ music supervisor.
  • Unmatched authenticity. ‘Forza Horizon’ is built with the genre-defining physics and graphics engine from the critically acclaimed ‘Forza Motorsport 4.’ With a diverse lineup of cars and manufacturers, as well as best-in-class graphics, handling and physics simulation, ‘Forza Horizon’ features the unrivaled diversity and unmatched authenticity that ‘Forza Motorsport’ fans have come to expect.