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Enter the square if you dare, as Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D (GHTP MAX’D) blasts the #1 selling extreme sport shooter game to a new level of intensity and innovation. With no health shields to rescue you and only one hit between you and elimination, gamers must master the innovative features of GHTP MAX’D to become a true ‘Freestyle Baller’.

Building on the intense speed, tight controls and recognized innovative gameplay features that made the original GHTP the 2004 sleeper hit with more than 120,000 registered gamers on Xbox LIVE!, this year’s title brings new gameplay features to the FPS genre. GHTP MAX’D enables you to control your teammates’ positions, moves and targets, build your own fields, plus multiplayer split-screen action for Co-Op and head-to-head play … and that’s just the beginning. Master these innovations to earn your degree from the GHTP Shooter School of Tricknology.

  • Build Your Field – Design and play your own custom fields with the Field Editor. Selecting from three field sizes, thirty-seven different object/bunker types, and ten object textures/skins just gets you started. Now feature yourself in your own MAX’D world by placing your bunkers in an almost infinite number of positions and layouts on the field. You’re the MAX’D designer, and the field is your gaming universe. Take the opportunity to angle your bunkers using the Rotate feature, tap the Mirror feature for the quick ability to add bunker symmetry to both sides of the field, and use the Size Editor to bring each bunker to your desired scale. Ready to pimp it to the world? Upload your custom fields on Xbox LIVE! to stake your reputation as the online field designer.
  • Control Your Team – Mastermind your teammates’ movements at the start of the game with the ground-breaking FPS feature – Breakout Manager. You can direct your AI teammates to break for specific bunkers, select teammates to either run or shoot, and identify the critical Sweet Spot for your Break Shooters to target the other team and take them out early.
  • Voice and Field Commands – Use your Voice Commands to direct your teammates to target a specific area on the field or shout ‘Everyone Attack’ at a pivotal moment. Field Commands allow you to move teammates up the field with a quick flick of the White button. But it’s not just you calling out to them. You will also hear your AI teammates calling out opponents’ positions as well – a great feature to avoid getting ‘bunkered’ – the ultimate elimination.
  • Split Screen and Co-Op – Play up to four players on the same Xbox. Career Mode Co-Op lets you join with friends to bust up the pros. Or make them bow to your skills first-hand by taking them on head-to-head.
  • New Locations and Gear – Featuring 29 tournaments and a total of 213 new field layouts, 12 new markers from Kingman, Tippmann and WGP, plus all the classic gear from the original GHTP; including markers, barrels, pants, jerseys, air systems, goggles and gloves.
  • New Soundtrack and Art – Working together for the first time, multi-platinum artists DJ Lethal and B-Real recorded a new hip-hop song entitled ‘Play for Real’ for the GHTP MAX’D soundtrack. In addition, the soundtrack features Puddle of Mudd, Mellowman Ace and several up and coming bands. The game also features stylized street ‘baller’ illustrations from artist Josh Turbin.
  • Play for Real – Greg ‘Red’ Hastings and the top pro ballers are the inspiration for the GHTP franchise. Whether it’s Rocky Cagnoni habitually sleeping just about anywhere except the field, Chris LaSoya go’in at it at launch parties, Alex Fraige and Oliver Lang hanging in their Dynasty bachelor pads, or Keely Watson and Lisa Harvey proving that you can dress to kill and shoot to kill, pro ballers ‘Play for Real’. GHTP MAX’D lives by the same creed.