Imagine Babyz NDSImagine Babyz NDSImagine Babyz NDS
Imagine Babyz NDS
Imagine Babyz NDS
Imagine Babyz NDS

Imagine Babyz NDS


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In Babyz, play as a young student studying in your grandmother’s town. When Grandma leaves on a well-deserved vacation, you get to take care of her house and even decorate it to your taste.

To raise money to do so, help your new neighbors take care of their babies, and discover a thrilling new vocation: baby sitter.

  • Take care of six babies (one after the other), each with its own characteristics!
  • Prepare bottles and baby food in the kitchen, check on the amount of food in stock and buy the right food for the babies.
  • Rock the babies in a cradle to help them go to sleep or calm them down. If that doesn’t work, try the radio.
  • Change diapers on the changing table.
  • Keep an eye on their health and give them medicine
  • Dress them in different clothes: pajamas, overalls, socks, slippers