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Castle Pac is celebrating the large crop of power pellets gathered, when the Harvest Festival is suddenly disturbed by a UFO that emits a Ghost Beam, turning Pac-Land into Ghost-Land. Suddenly attacked by the large monster Golvis, Pac-Master chomps on a power pellet and initiates attack – but while the other ghosts run blue, Golvis remains calm, laughing. Then from his guitar comes a Ghost Light that turns all Pac’s into spheres!

Now with the help of a little Fairy, Crystal, Pac-Man must save his family and girlfriend from the evil Golvis and Ghosts. You are Pac-Man, controlling his every rolling move with the Nintendo DS™ stylus. Go forward, turn, dash, make a sharp stop; you can control Pac-Man any way you want. With intuitive controls and a twist on the classic Pac-Man franchise, this is a must have for your NDS game collection.

  • Play with Pac-Man like a track ball! Controlling the spherical Pac-Man is easy. Use your stylus to drag him around, going forward, turning corners, dashing with all your might, coming to a super quick stop. With this much control, it’s almost like you’re in the game yourself!
  • Go around the world! Explore stages in various worlds – from Castle Pac to the Gyro-Jungle, Ghost Land, Flaming Fortress and Sweet Land. Pac-Man faces challenges like the moving floor, dash panel, jump zones and wind zones.
  • Use your power items! Get the ‘Feather Hat’ and Pac-Man can fly through the worlds, dodging and sneaking up on Ghosts. Wear the armor and Pac-Man’s defensive and destructive abilities increase – and you can even go underwater.
  • Play the original Pac-Man! The original, arcade mode Pac-Man is included – play with a friend and claim the highest score, eating pellets, ghosts and fruits.