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Sims 2 NDSSims 2 NDSSims 2 NDS
Sims 2 NDS
Sims 2 NDS
Sims 2 NDS

Sims 2 NDS


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The Sims 2 comes to the PSP handheld entertainment system, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance bringing with it all the addictive, open-ended gameplay of the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Featuring a unique storyline for each platform, The Sims 2 lets you create, customize, and control different neighborhoods as you delve into the mysteries of Stangetown and strive to uncover its secrets. Mind your Sim’s Sanity Meter to save them from a nervous breakdown and connect with other players to trade secrets and play head-to-head mini-games. With The Sims 2 for handheld, now you can take it with you everywhere.

  • Exclusive story – Explore the wide-open world of The Sims 2 as you become the rich and powerful owner of your own hotel in Strangetown. Your ultimate goal is to uncover Strangetown’s secrets while keeping the VIP’s in your hotel happy.
  • All in a 3D World – Open-ended gameplay allows for endless fun in a completely 3D world. Play over 10 new Touch Screen minigames and creativity tools to help make money, collect worksof art, and customize your world.
  • Become a DJ – Use the built-in DS microphone to make your own music in the lounge and use the Touch Screen to create your own paintings in the gallery. Be sure to trade your masterpieces with other players via the Nintendo DS wireless link.