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Top Spin is the complete tennis experience, that allows gamers to define their own playing style, take risks, pull off world-class tennis shots, argue calls and work the crowd to develop their own unique image on the court. In addition, gamers can train with a coach to master different shots and playing surfaces and work their way up the online rankings to become the best in the world. ‘Top Spin’ offers gamers singles or doubles matches with 16 of the world’s top pros including cover athlete and the world’s #1, Lleyton Hewitt.

  • Intense action and realism. Top Spin delivers all the intensity of professional tennis from cross-court winners to crushing ground strokes to rocket serves. Gamers can master all the shots including slices, lobs, drops, spins and several trick shots, while perfecting their play on various surfaces including clay, hard court, and grass.
  • Get in the zone. Top Spin challenges gamers to take risks and pull off difficult shots to get into a zone and use that momentum to improve their play. Gamers can develop a player’s unique image on the court by pumping their fist after a great shot, slamming a racket to the ground, or arguing a bad call.
  • Play online to become the world’s best. Gamers may be #1 in their own living room, but Xbox Live gives them a chance to prove it anytime and anywhere on a global scale. Gamers can climb worldwide ladders, play tournaments, take on all challengers in singles matches or find a skilled partner for doubles play.
  • Build a career. Create a player’s personalized look, style and personality and use a coach to improve a weakness or perfect an aspect of their tennis game. Gamers can work their way up from the local playground, through the amateur ranks, to playing real pros in the world’s top tournaments, while earning endorsements along the way.