How to add games to your Retropie:
We have created a video on how to add Rom Files to your retropie gaming system. Here is a link to that video:

Adding Shaders and textures to your Retropie to make it look like a old-school CRT TV:

In the Retropie section, select Retropie Setup
Then Select Configuration / Tools
Then Select Configedit
Then Configure Basic Libreto Emulator Options
The select config default option for all libreto emulators
Select Video Shader Enable and select true
Then select video shader file: it will give you lots of options, you can play with them and maybe find one you like, we liked the crt-pi-curvature the best .

Thats it! simply select cancel to exit these menus and back to exit these menus. If you want to change it follow this path and select a new one or simply set the “Video Shader enable” to false and it will disable them.

The path one more time to get to the screen above:
RetroPie – Configuration / Tools – configedit – config basic libreto options – config default options for all liberto emulators